How much kg is equal to 1 quintal?

100 Kilograms = 1 Quintal 

The quintal or centner is a traditional unit of mass/ weight in many countries, usually defined as 100 base units, such as kilograms or pounds.

It is a standard unit of weight/ mass in many countries like Portugal, Spain, France, and their former colonies. 

Important Facts about Quintal:

  • Countries like France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Indonesia, and India, use quintal as a standard measurement of mass for agricultural products at wholesale markets even today.
  • Quintal was defined in the United States of America in 1866 as 100 kilograms.
  • In British English, the terms quintal and centner were once alternative names for the hundredweight.
  • In American English, quintal was formerly known as an uncommon measure of 100 kilograms.
  • 100-kilogram centner/ the term ‘centner per hectare’ were the standard agricultural unit used in the Soviet Union.
  • In Germany, 100 kilograms of mass is called Doppelzentner.

The Mass of 1 Quintal in Different Countries


Mass of 1 Quintal


100 Kg


100 Kg


100 lb (45 kg) or 112 lb (50 kg)


100 Livres/ Pounds (48.95 kg)


128 Arráteis (58.75 Kg)


100 Libras (46 kg)

Trivia: The difference in British and American English definitions resulted in 2 different series of masses, i.e., those based on the local pound and those based on kilograms.