What adventurous activities can you do in and around Mumbai?

Here are some of the interesting/ fun activities to do in Mumbai: Helicopter ride, Scuba diving, White water rafting, Kayaking, Trekking / Camping, Bungee jumping, Go-karting, and Sky diving

#1 Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Ride

One of the exciting rides in Mumbai is the helicopter joyride. A helicopter tour is also something you never regret doing in this metropolitan city like Mumbai; imagine seeing the beauty of Mumbai from high above. Fly above the City of Dreams and get enchanted by pure bliss and lush green surrounding.

Where: Juhu Airport

#2 Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

If you are an adventure-loving person, here are some underwater adventure delights for you. Scuba diving is one of the most exciting things you can do here. Witness and experience marvelous things underwater in Mumbai.

Where: Malavan, Konkan Coast, Singdhudurg district, and the Arabian Sea.

#3 White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is an outdoor recreational activity that uses inflatable rafts to navigate a river or other water bodies. But there are risks here; you must take necessary safety measures with your rafting operator before the ride. The commercial rafting operators in Mumbai take vital safety measures as they genuinely care about tourist safety.

Where: Andheri East, Wadala, Vidhyavihar West, Kolad.

#4 Kayaking


Every adventure freak would like to experience kayaking in Mumbai. The view of the deep blue of the Arabian Sea is breathtaking; it beautifully conquers the high and low tides of the Sea. It is a lifetime adventure you will get when you kayak on the ripples of a vast sea in Mumbai. 

Where: Kandivali East, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai Central, Apollo Bandar.

#5 Trekking/ Camping

Trekking/ Camping

There are some extremely fun & adventures camping and trekking you can do in Mumbai. There are several fascinating locations to go to for trekking or campaign during weekends. Various activities can be done here like bird watching, fishing, sleeping under the star-studded sky, and of course, experiencing the tranquility of nature. You don’t have to stay for a long time but spend a night here and get submerged into a dreamlike world where nothing seems to be real.

Where: Uttan, Mulshi, Navi Mumbai, Andheri East, Wadala, Borivali.

#6 Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

If you are adventure lover; plan a quick getaway, visit Kolad near Mumbai. Get a refreshing break and get indulged in a bungee jumping session.

Where: Kolad, Maharashtra

#7 Go-karting


If you are an F9 fan, you can plan a getaway to Alibaug. Go-karting is a fantastic adventure for those who love speedy drives and wish to feel the thrust. Go-karting is a kind of open-wheel car racing experience for speed loves.

Where: Alibaug, Maharashtra

#8 Skydiving


Skydiving is a popular sport amongst adventure freaks nowadays who wish to experience an adrenaline rush in their nerves on a voyage. Witness the panoramic views of the city of dreams through skydiving, followed by a soft landing at the beach, under expert guidance.

Where: Mumbai