Which are the best indoor plants to keep mosquitoes away?

Answer by Harini Pandiyan

Some of the best indoor plants to deter mosquitoes are Rosemary, Basil, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Citronella Grass, Peppermint, etc.

1. Rosemary

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Mosquitoes hate the woody smell of rosemary; they are an evergreen fragrant herb from the Mediterranean with various health benefits. Rosemary can be effectively grown indoors in a small pot. 

2. Basil

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The mild citrus smell of basil deters mosquitoes from your home. Grown in tropical regions from central Africa to Southeast Asia, Basil is used in worldwide cuisines. It can be grown in containers or pots; just make sure it gets enough sunlight.

3. Lavender

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It has a sweet mint flavored scent which helps keep the mosquitoes away from your place. It is a fragrant flowering plant from the mint family native from the Mediterranean, Middle East & India. Lavender is basically an outdoor plant but can also be kept indoors near a window or somewhere the airflow is good.

4. Lemon Grass

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It has a strong citrus fragrance, which deters mosquitoes from your home. Lemon Grass is a tropical island plant from the perpetual grass family in Australia, Asia, Africa. They can be grown indoors and outdoors; make sure they get adequate sunlight and regular watering.

5. Citronella Grass

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The citric smell of citronella deters bugs and mosquitoes away from your house. It is known for its medicinal benefits like anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, reduces fever, relieves migraine, relaxes muscles, etc.

6. Peppermint

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It has a minty fragrance that deters mosquitoes from your house. It is an aromatic plant from the mint family, native to Europe. They can be kept as an indoor or outdoor plant; it only requires partial sunlight.

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