Answer by Sandra

The two main resume formats suitable for freshers are reverse chronological format and functional resume format. Reverse chronological format is based on the work experience and employment history whereas functional format emphasizes on applicant’s skills. 

Reverse chronological format is the most popular and effective format used as it quickly helps the recruiters to understand the value of your work experiences. It is the simplest format and often preferred by recruiters. 

A well-written and eye catchy resume is very important for freshers as it is the first impression  you will create with the recruiter and will help you to climb to the next step of your desired job. But in order to create a good resume for freshers, you will have to keep some things in mind. 

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Key Factors for a Reverse Chronological Resume Format 

  • Name & Contact Details: Write your name in bold letters with a simple font so that it is clear to the ones who read it. You have to mention your email ID and mobile number too.

 For Example:   



  • Objective: Communicate your career goals as well as your motive for joining the company very briefly under this section. You can begin with a strong personal trait of yours and you have to shape the sentences according to the job you apply for. 

For Example: 

To learn more about the industry and gain first-hand experience about the responsibilities and requirements of the company. Being a quick learner, I wish to develop a more rounded skill-set and improve my job capabilities.

  • Work Experience & Employment History: You can add your relevant work experience like internships, volunteering works, educational projects or any freelancing works that prove your knowledge. Make sure to give your recent work experience first in the list.

 For Example: Internship

                         ABC Ltd, City (2 months)

                         Sales Intern  

  • Educational Qualifications: List all of your degrees, certificates, and diplomas, as well as the name of the institution and the year you received them. Always write the highest degree you have as the first one on the list. 

               For Example:  B. Com  from ABC Institute, City , 2005-2008

  • Skills: It is very important for a fresher to highlight skills as he/she doesn't have enough work experience. You have to identify your key hard skills and soft skills and mention the most irrelevant ones. 

  For Example: Negotiation, Problem Solving, Time Management Skills  

  • Language Proficiency: You can list the languages you are proficient in.  

               For Example: Hindi (Read, Write, Speak)

                                     English  (Read, Write, Speak) 

 Functional Format

Functional format is also known as the skill-based resume as it mainly focuses on applicant’s skills rather than the work experience. It is not a commonly used format.

A functional resume format should include: 

  • Name & Contact Details
  • Objective
  • Professional Title 
  • Skills 
  • Experience & Employment History
  • Educational Qualification 

Note: - There is another resume format called combination resume format which is a hybrid of reverse chronological and functional format and emphasizes both the skills and work experiences. This is commonly used by senior professionals or people with a number of years of experience.