Where can you experience the best adventure activities in and around Bangalore?

Answer by Harini Pandiyan

Bangalore is not only known for its nightlife, but it's also famous for various adventurous activities; some of the best adventure activities in Bangalore are Dirt Biking, Parasailing, Rock Climbing, Go-Karting, Paintball, and River Rafting.

#1 Dirt Biking

There are a few places for adventure games in Bangalore; get an opportunity to indulge in the crazy fun of driving on a dirt track. The combination of thuds, speed, and imbalances on the trails cover mud patches, rocky tracks, and hilly slopes to ensure you a variety of experiences within a single ride.

Best Places for Dirt Biking: 

  1. Slideways Motoranch, Bangalore
  2. Dirt Mania Outdoor Adventures, Bangalore

#2 Parasailing Adventure

Parasailing is an activity for all; this adventure activity gives you wings and let’s you relish the pictorial environs from a birds-eye view. The breathtaking views from a soaring height will make your heart skip a beat.

Best Places for Parasailing:

  1. Jakkur Aerodrome
  2. Aero Adventures, Jakkur
  3. Getaway Now, Jakkur

#3 Rock Climbing Adventure

For the adventure seekers, Bangalore provides some of the best adventure activities, including rock climbing. Some popular rock climbing destinations near Bangalore are Ramanagaram, Chitradurga, and Savandurga.

Best Places for Rock Climbing:

  1. Varlakonda
  2. Avati Hills
  3. Ramanagara
  4. Chitradurga
  5. Savandurga

#4 Go-Karting

If you are a speed lover, you should try Go-Karting to satisfy the urge for adventure sport in Bangalore. A fun and adventure activity where you can drive a kart on safe tracks & beat your friends with speed.

Best Places For Go-karting In Bangalore:

  1. Meco Kartopia
  2. Red Ride Sports
  3. Grips Go Karting
  4. Torq03
  5. Play Arena

#5 Paintball

It's one of the best adventure sports in Bangalore; you cannot miss playing. If you're a paintball expert or just in hunt for some fun and adventure activities; paintball is the best sport for you. Come here, make your team, play, win, and have some of the most joyous moments.

Best Places for Paintball: 

  1. Paint Ball X 
  2. Axe Adventure Sport Pvt Ltd 
  3. Active Arena 

#6 River Rafting

One of the most exciting adventure water sports in Bangalore you can try is rafting. The Kabini river is one of the excellent supports for trying some water adventure activities like rafting which is four hours drive from Bangalore city. 

Best Places near Bangalore for Rafting:

  1. Bheemeshwari
  2. Dandeli
  3. Coorg
  4. Chikmagalur
  5. Kabini